5,4,and 2

5,4,and 2

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Induction night

We arrived at the hospital at 8pm, and they hooked us up to the machines, Anison is doing great in there, and much to my surprise I was having regular contractions about every 15 minutes. The quickly came in to stick me for an I.V. and only had to do that twice, then they took what felt like all my blood. When they checked me I was 3cm and 60% effaced. Then they came in to insert the Foley Ball, this is a procedure I pray no one has to do, it took them four tries before they finally got it. I have been through labor before, and this is much worse, they should really give the epidural before hand. This device is suppose to stay in for 12 hours and make me dilate to a four or five, I am hoping it works. It is now 5:30am and I am contracting about every 10 minutes with some mild discomfort. We will see how long I can make it before I get the epi, which will definitely be around 8cm if not before. So, I am trying to keep my focus on the blessing inside, and hoping this doesn't take as long as predicted.

Monday, June 29, 2009

It's Go Time............ Almost!

Well, here I am at 39 weeks pregnant with our second child. I can't believe the time that has passed and the time that is creeping by slowly. Anison will soon be here, I will be induced Tuesday night. After much begging and proof of an ultrasound to show how big she is, the doctor finally is going to listen and let me go early. I feel beyond miserable, and never felt like this with my previous pregnancy, although I have never been 39 weeks pregnant either. I am trying not to freak out about all the little things I would usually loose it over and place my trust in God's provision. I know life is getting ready to change drastically and I am nervous, but mainly for Joselyn. No one ever told me that just 16 months after giving birth that I would not even remember what to do with a newborn, not to mention how I am suppose to take care of a toddler. Obviously God saw it fit to bless us with these two little girls so close in age, and I am forever grateful for what a blessing each of them are in their own way. I think back on when we were trying to conceive to begin with, Joselyn came at such the perfect time, I was completely desperate and broken hearted after five years of not being able to have and hold my very own child, that the whole time I was pregnant with her I would not let myself believe she would live. Then the moment they layed the little lizard on my stomach, my faith in God grew by leaps and bounds. I had a difficult recovery after my pregnancy and like most women wondered if it would ever even be a smart choice to get pregnant again, after six months I was starting to feel better, and the issues where starting to subside. When Joselyn was nine months old we found out to our shock that I was pregnant, naturally. My first reaction of course was laughter followed by tears of every emotion known to man. Doctors had told us even after Joselyn was born that there was hope we would one day conceive again with fertility treatment, but I would not conceive naturally. I couldn't believe for months that I was even pregnant, and when it finally sunk in we where in the midst of moving and getting settled in our new home. I got pushed into a new doctor that let's just say I am growing less and less found of. Now to think that in just a little over 24 hours I will be checked into a hospital awaiting the arrival of our second little girl, the emotions are starting to show a little more and more. Joselyn is beginning to act very different, and she knows something is about to happen, Chris is very busy at work, and I feel like doing nothing, so the house is not clean, laundry is not done, all the things I wanted to do before Anison's arrival to make sure the girls are treated the same has not taken place. I truly believe God is teaching me that this place in life I have never been to before and the only way to make it through is to realize he has not set something before me that he won't take care of. I am aware life is going to change, but I will not listen to others negative comments about how horrible it is all going to be, but instead I will try to focus my attention on the Grace given to me and realize I am suffering nothing that is not meant for God's Glory!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

37 Week Update............

The last two weeks have been eventful as usual. We are trying to get out as much as possible before this next little Funkhouser arrives. At my 35 week appointment I was ordered to have an ultrasound to check on the baby's size, and to see how much longer my cervix was going to hold up. She weighed in at 7 pound, 7 ounces, and her head is in proportion to her body, meaning she is as large as a baby who is 38 weeks along. My cervix is shorter than it should be, but not at a dangerous level yet. I was dilated 1-2 cm and 50% effaced.

At my 36 week appointment we talked about the baby's size and then during the exam the resident said she could not tell where I was dilated at all, so I got in to see the doctor and she discovered the baby is very posterior, but cervix was completely effaced. This explains all the back pain I have been having. My doctor promised me she would not let me go over my due date, because of the baby's size.

37 weeks started with a Doctor's appointment, followed by a trip to the hospital. My doctor once again during the exam could not get to my cervix because of the baby's positioning, and did a quick ultrasound in her office to find that the baby's head is under my hip bone, the baby is not moving the same as she was due to her positioning. I was sent to the hospital for a non stress test and a more advanced ultrasound. They monitored the baby for a few hours and she looks good and healthy! I had some irregularity in my monitoring though, so at this point we are hoping the pattern is that of pre-labor. It could be an infection, but I have no other symptoms of an infection. They sent us home, which was very depressing walking out of the hospital with out a newborn in my arms. But she is healthy and better off inside until she is ready to come out. I have been doing my best to induce labor naturally this week, but nothing is working. The baby's position now explains why. There is hope that once active labor commences she will descend like she should, but I have a rather large fear of having an unpleasant labor followed by a csection. I am pretty sure that a csection and a 16 month-old don't mesh well, but I have to put my faith in the Lord and fervently pray to go into labor very soon. Whatever God's will may be for this child he has created inside of me, and for my own health, his plans are greater than my own!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

35 week update

Joselyn is so loving towards her little sister already!

Me in all my glory, I feel like I am going to explode already!

This week at the Dr. I was 1.5 to 2 cm dilated, let's just say this exam was a little painful, so she couldn't get a good estimate, 60% effaced and -1 station. I have to take the contraction medicine for one more week and then we get to see what will happen. She scheduled an ultrasound for Thursday to check my cervical length, and the size of the baby. I have an infection of some sort, but they are not certain where it is coming from, so they are going to do more lab work on it. I am starting to slow down a lot, I feel like a helpless person, and Chris is having to tack on more of the household stuff to his already insane schedule of working. Joselyn has been coping well, no pacifier for over a week now and she is doing great. I still don't have bows made for Anison's lack of hair when she is born, the car seat is not even in the car, and no one's bag is fully packed. I feel like there is a ton to do, but some how I am finding peace in getting nothing accomplished. I know God in his sovereignty is completely in control, and look forward to this blessing even more as the days grow closer.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gage's Visit

Yeah we get to swim

Are you sure we all fit?

Obviously the pool is made for little children.

Gage teaching Joselyn some new dance moves, I have to say this was pretty funny, they both dance like Chris!!!

Wrestle time.........

Let's play house

Joselyn pretty much sat on Gage while he was trying to play Wii

I fully
intend on posting new pictures, but for some reason the computer does not want to upload the pictures currently. As soon as I can get them loaded I will post them.

Gage is in town for a few days, and the kids have been very busy playing! Gage can get
Joselyn to laugh or squeal at anything, there has not been a quiet moment since he has been here. I have also realized how very thankful I am for my girls, boys are just plain dirty. Even when I know he is clean, or at least sanitized he is still filthy! They have had a blast, He arrived Tuesday night, and Blaina came over to play on Wednesday. And through God's strength I have had more energy the last two days then I think I have had in two years, another way I find God completely amazing! Check back for pictures, I am not very good with electronics, my husband believes I have technological malfunctions inside my body.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

34 Week update................

My doctor's appointments are every week now, and as of Thursday I am 1cm dilated and 50% effaced. I was a little shocked when she told me this, I did not think you dilated so early after your first child. I have had increasing issues that have talked about in previous blogs, so I have been put on more medicine and am sporting some new support garments. Everything went well at the appointment, the baby is BIG already and head down ready to meet everyone. My Doctor and I discussed many things, bed rest and how I should be on it, but she realizes that I have a fifteen month old so she did not push the issue. She did an ultrasound to get a good idea of how the baby is laying. She told me no more traveling over an hour away from Carbondale. We also discussed a plan for these contractions I have been having, and she said to continue taking the meds for two more weeks, and then she thinks once I am off them the baby will come very quickly. I am to go to the hospital anytime the contractions make a pattern no matter how far apart they are. I have been told by my mother-in-law that she will not be very happy if I have this baby this week because she will be out of town, so I am going to try to behave on her behalf.

I have been experiencing a vast array of emotions lately, and am still in a state of shock that this baby might be here in two weeks. I am not ready, I know I would never fully be ready anyway, but it is all going to my head a little these days. I have started to pack everyones hospital bags, but nothing is finished and there is still a lot to be done, I am trying to listen to my husbands advice and remember she is coming whether I have the room painted or hospital bags packed. The second child definitely gets less of an organized parent out of me that is for sure. I am getting more and more nervous about labor and delivery, my biggest fear is that in the end she will be to big and I will have to have a c-section, or as always that we won't make it to the hospital. At the same time I am over being pregnant, not one of my finer moments, and can't wait to meet her and see how Joselyn will react to being a big sister. I am dying to loose this baby weight and am waiting to pull that new double stroller out and rack up the miles. We hooked the Wii up last night and I got on it for the first time in 115 days, lets just say my Mii character is now 29 pounds heavier and has no balance.

This part of the journey is getting ready to change our lives once again, and I am consistently confronted with God's Glory and Grace through it all! I pray that our family might seek to Glorify and honor him in all that we do!

Little Mommy..........

Blowing kisses

Daddy, she is my baby!

Taking baby for a walk

I am helping mommy sweep the floor, she's too fat to bend over.

I realize it has been a good while since I have posted anything so here is a little update on Joselyn. She has turned into a little mommy at just fifteen months old. She carries her baby doll around every where she goes and cares for it. We got her baby doll stroller out and she puts the baby doll in it and gives it rides all around the house. We have been getting "real" baby gear out and setting it up lately, and when I tell Jos something is for the baby she goes and finds her baby doll and puts it in.

This week was also the week we decided Joselyn no longer needed her pacifier. We had originally taken it away the week she turned one but she became ill and I gave it back because she was so pitiful. With the move in sight and just finding out we were going to have another baby I could not decide when was a good time so it got put off a bit. She has only ever been allowed to use it for naps and at bed time, but lately she has started to hide them from us and sneak off to her room and get it out during other times of the day. So, we decided now is the time, I have always been an all or nothing kind of person, so they are really gone, no more smiles through it in the morning when we get her out of bed, or seeing her tongue stick out the side when she is feeling silly. The baby days of my first child are quickly fleeting and she is turning into a little girl, well except she still has very little hair. Monday the first nap she threw her first real fit in life, kicking and screaming, the whole works. Another reason why I should never of given it back to her before, my mistake. The second nap daddy put her to bed and the same thing happened, this time I had to go to the basement and do laundry so I couldn't hear the screams. All day we would try and get her to go to her room to get a clean diaper or a change of clothes and she would cry and not want any part of it, this is coming from the child who normally plays in her room by herself for a good portion of the day. Then it was finally the dreaded bedtime, we read a story and tucked her in and I decided to stay and comfort her to avoid the screaming. She only woke up once in the night, and by the time I got back to her room she had already fallen back to sleep. I would say we are getting there! Maybe the new baby won't want a pacifier, so I won't have to break another child's heart when I take it away, but I know in the girl's lives there will be lots of heart break, and at least this one won't be remembered long.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day, mom, I have Pink Eye!!!
Her eye already looks much better in this picture than it looked when she woke up this morning.

I have been blessed with a child that has not been sick very often, however this morning (Mother;s Day) I was in the shower and Chris came in holding Joselyn and said he had something he wanted me to see. The sight I then laid my eyes on was a happy smiling little girl with goo (for lack of better words) all crusted into her left eye. Chris cleaned it all out and I took a closer look, to see her eye swollen red, and again gooey. Yes, it is definitely pink eye, so no church for the girls today. I wouldn't change being a mom for the world, even on Sunday pink eye mornings!!

A stormy day, and life of many!

Not having physical power all makes me look to the power Creator!

Joselyn's face after the bite of Ice Cream

Joselyn eating Blanchie Wanchie Ice Cream!

Playing in the water puddle after the storm

Happy Mother's Day!

Every year we have a Mother's Day dinner at Stephanie's house, this year was a bit interesting. We had a storm that day that left us with no power, and children with lots of energy! I am very thankful for many things this mother's Day. First of all I am thankful for my mother! She has always been a supporter of myself and my growing family. I have a very dear friend who is thankful on mother's day, but no longer gets to celebrate this day with her own mother. Her mother passed on to be with the Lord over ten years ago. I can only imagine how hard this day is for her.

I am more than thankful for life of my daughter, and child being formed in my womb! My God has so richly blessed me, but I can very clearly remember a time not that long ago when I was childless. Every year my heart broke more and more of the love I felt I was never given the chance to share. I have another dear friend who has spent all her life longing for God to open her womb, and yet he has chose not to. My heart breaks for her on this day, I never want to forget those five long years of a closed womb I myself experienced.

I recently met a woman who has been blessed with four children, but two of them were taken from her has babies, and went home to be with the Lord. This sorrow again I can imagine is deeply rooted in her soul and is thought about everyday.

The pain many women experience on Mother's Day is a pain like no other, and yet they are left to find a way to some how manage to put a smiling face on and pretend that it is all okay on this day of the year. I praise God for the hope and grace he has given. I will continually pray every Mother's Day that these such women have found that hope for it is all that got me through that period of time in my own life. Mother's Day is a much deserved day of respect to our own mothers, but I ask you to quietly remember others who are suffering beyond belief on this day, and respect their pain as well.

Monday, May 4, 2009

31 weeks, and Oh, so Emotional!

Anison's crib at least has clean sheets

Almost 32 weeks, I think this is the first picture I actually feel like I look pregnant in and not just fat.

31 weeks

I am almost thirty two weeks pregnant and so completely DONE! As I have said before I am not a good pregnant person. I can't seem to focus on anything lately, I did finally get the crib bedding washed and put in the crib, along with clothes for the first three months washed and hung in the closet, well that is until I ran out of hangers. No, the room is still not painted nor have we managed to gather all the furniture I want. I finally feel like I look pregnant and not just fat. On the down side I am having more contractions now than I ever felt having when I was in active labor with Joselyn, every small activity makes them kick in and it takes the rest of the day to get them to stop. The varicoses only seems to be getting worse and sleep is pretty much none existent. I am very blessed and am trying to give God the glory for knitting this child in my womb, but I feel like an ungrateful little brat that wants her "pre-pregnancy" body back (the one I have not seen since before Joselyn was born). It takes me literally all night to fall asleep and by four I am usually out but around six I wake up in tears from the pain radiating through my spine. I don't remember experiencing this pain when I was pregnant with Joselyn, but maybe I just chose to forget it. Anison seems to be a lot more active at this point than Joselyn Again I am really trying to fight for joy, and praise the Maker! was as well, but then again we really have only an estimated guess of when she is actually due. I am repulsed by food and only want to drink water or milk, two things I never normally want. So I am really wanting to hear, "you are a lot farther than we thought," at my check up on Monday.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Wild Ride

This is our old car, and you can see the nose of the van

God is so completely amazing ! We had been talking about the "need" for a minivan since around the time Joselyn was born. I have wanted a minivan since I was like sixteen, but now we actually have a use for one with a growing family in the works. When I became pregnant a second time we started to talk about actually going to go look at them, but then decided it just was not in the budget, and we would reconsider at the end of this year. Then the move hit and Chris' mom let us borrow her van for the week, let me just say Thank you Roberta for this huge convienince! So we set out in our quest to buy a new van. Weeks of online research and price comparissans then sent us out the door with a little better idea of what we wanted. Call me spoiled if you may, but I really wanted a van with two features, tinted windows, for all of those quick feedings on the road, and power sliding doors, for the lazy mom with two small children and a hand full of bags. We knew the minivan was our number one pic because a few months earlier some one let their car door slamm into my car and left a huge dent in the side . I decided I would never be able to keep up with holding doors open so our children would not do the same to some one else's car. Earlier in the week we had heard of an amazing deal on a van and waited til Thursday to go check it out, that deal ended up not really being for sale and we were already in town and decided to go look around else where. We ended up driving on to the lot of Ward's in Carbondale. As soon as we got near the building I spoted a van that looked like someone owned and was driving and thought how funny it would be if they were trading it in and we bought it. We then quickly drove back to the used car section and saw they had several vans, so Chris decided to go in. He came back out and told me they had a couple we might look at, so the salesman talked with us for a few minutes about what features we thought were important and he went to check his inventory. He came back and said the used vans they had at this time did not match our check list, but that some one was trading in a van as we spoke and the owners said we were more than welcome to take it for a test drive. So, that is the van we ended up buying, yes the one I saw as soon as we pulled onto the lot. We got a chance to meet the owners, who were an older couple who traded in their vans every couple of years to buy a new one. Let me just add we pulled on the lot at about 6:05pm, Joselyn's dinner time, and drove off the lot a little after 8pm, Joselyn's Bedtime, and she was a perfect angel the entire time we were there, dancing and keeping all the salesmen well entertained. We have never made a purchase this big and the next morning woke up in shock of what took place the night before! Chris listed my car for sale and by that afternoon it was sold! I can not in my life describe how perfect God is at giving his blessings at just the right time. So we add a new vehicle to our journey, and are trying to patiently await the arrival of our second child.

Monday, April 27, 2009

30ish weeks pregnant

I can still see my feet a little.

30ish weeks pregnant, what a difference two weeks makes when you get this far along. Yes, that is my belly button sticking out.

As you can see by the picture, I still am in maternity clothing denial and don't really care how I look anymore. But, hey it is baseball season and I am a true Cardinals fan! I am a little over 30 weeks pregnant, and ready for this whole pregnancy thing to be over with. I believe I have said it before, but I will say it again, pregnancy is not my finest moment in life. I am feeling okay for being thirty weeks. A few minor problems have continued on and a few new ones have been added to the list. I have a shorter than average cervix, so preterm labor is always weighing on my mind. A few weeks ago I developed a condition known as Vericoses. Basically it means I have poor veins. It started in one leg, but now has moved inward making it very difficult to walk or do anything standing. There is no real treatment option, but to take it easy (that is not happening with a new house to unpack and a fourteen month old). This week I started developing this pain in my right arm as well, so every time my little girl wants to sit in my lap it is a strain to even pick her up. All of this has been very wearing on my body, but I am very thankful for the blessings God has richly bestowed on me. Joselyn does something amazing everyday, and it makes me long for God to fill my heart with love for yet another child in our home. My doctor put me on the two week rotation at my 28 week apointment to make sure nothing progresses too fast. I have had contractions since 13 weeks, but they are starting to get more frequent and stronger. In addition to all of that this morning I lost part of the "plug," and have started to spot a little. I am praying for God's divine hand as this pregnancy goes on, and would appreciate your prayers as well. I am feeling extremely nervous about having another baby so soon, but I know God's amazing grace is with me. This journey seems forever long, but it is only a breif passing to what my eternal home will one day hold!

Hat Craze and Trike Day

Daddy putting the trike together.

She was so excited!

So, lately Joselyn has wanted to wear a hat every where we go. Daddy even bought her a new hat today when we went to WalMart, you can guess which one it is. Also as we were strolling through WalMart we came across a must have toy. We have been looking for a few weeks for some new toys for our fenced in back yard. We wanted to get Joselyn a "rideon" toy, but they all seem to be either to small for her, or way to old for her. As we strolled through the toy section briefly there it was on the bottom shelf with a big clearance tag reading $21.00. so imediately it went in the cart! Yes, Joselyn is now the proud owner of her very first Radio Flyer Trike (yes, it is too big for her, but the price was RIGHT). When we got home daddy put it together and we took it for a little spin down the driveway, it was about to rain.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Growing up too fast!

A new dress from NiNi (my mom).

And a new toy.

As you can see, she needed a new toy, we never let her play with real toys!

Joselyn has hit a major growth spirt this last week and seems to be outgrowing everything she owns. She is down to a few pair of shoes that still fit, and most of her summer clothes I bought on clearance last fall, that were two sizes larger than for her age, she has now outgrown. So we greatly appreciate NiNi coming over to take us shopping!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

No more Baby Bed

This is the pic I snapped of Joselyn napping .

Her first night in her big girl bed!

The new "Big Girl" Bed!!!

Last night we bought Joselyn a "Big Girl" bed (well actually a mattress). Since she is only 14 months old we have been contemplating all week what to do about her sleeping arrangements. I did not want to buy another crib, but she can't sleep in her sister's forever. So, we settled on a mattress on the floor. She is using my bedroom set from when I was a little girl, and it has a twin bed that she will eventually move into, but for now we wanted her to be able to get in her "bed" safely. She slept in the "big girl" bed last night for the first time, and then today I thought she was playing in her room, and I went to check on her, I found her taking a nap in her bed. She had decided on her own that she was ready for a nap and crawled in bed, how precious (yes, I shed a few tears, I am sure due to all the pregnancy hormones)! I am not trying to bost, but rather give God the glory everyday for this sweet little peice of life he has placed in our family!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Moving with a thirteen month old

Joselyn has been such a great little girl, but even the best of children don't stay stress free during moving! We knew moving would be hard for everyone, but I don't think we had completely calculated just how differently we would all respond. Joselyn has been moved from the only home she has ever known to a different state, and to a new way of life called a town. In the process of moving her bed broke, so she has also been sleeping in her little sister's crib and room these past few days. In addition to a sleeping arrangements, she had an accident in the crib and is not getting to sleep with her "blankie" because we have yet to buy a washer and dryer. Jos is quite the little shopper, so all the shopping trips we have had to take have been theraputic for her in a way, but the minute we enter the new home she quickly turns into a leg clinger. Today is the first day I have really started to see her personality starting to make its way back into all of our lives, and we are more than BLESSED! This journey has been challenging, but even Joselyn is teaching us in these times.

28 weeks Pregnant

Monday (yes the same day we moved) I had a Doctors appointment with my new Dr. Things went well, and the baby is growing and kicking more and more. I have even felt a few bouts of hiccups from her lately. Aside from the stress of moving, there have not been any major complications with this pregnancy, all praise to God, the minor bruising I have developed in my leg turns out to be nothing serious, just painful and bothersome. I am getting rather large and have gained a little more than I would have liked to at this point, but I am starting to actually wear the much dreaded maternity clothes a little more often now. So, I can only give God all the glory for this little baby bun in the oven!!!

Moving Day!

I don't even know where to start to catch everyone up on our crazy lives these days! Easter Sunday turned into moving day, we started loading the truck around noon and pulled out our the driveway at 2:03! Thank you so much, Kevin, Donna, Cameron, Steve, Kenneth, Violet..... and everyone else who helped us leave Lodiburg. We were showered with gifts and amazing encouragement upon our departure! No sooner did the mail box of our "old home" appear in my rear view mirror then uncontrollable weeping began to overwhelm me. Leaving those people has been one of the hardest things I have had to do in life, and we miss all of you very much!!! We drove to Norris City Illinois for the night to stay at Chris' mom's house. We had a great time of fellowship with the family! Monday morning we set out for Zeigler around 8:30 and made it to Eldorado for some good breakfast at Hardee's (where apparently the retired teachers from Rado also gather for breakfast). After getting full, we were on our way, next stop 115 S. Pine St. Zeigler Illinois. Joselyn slept the whole way there, and when we arrived people quickly started taking all our pocessions (junk) out of the UHaul and into our new home, which only took 45 minutes (not for lack of stuff, we rented the biggest UHaul they make)! And we are in!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Festivities

She didn't really know what to think about hunting for Easter eggs.

Daddy is the greatest!!!

Today Joselyn hunted for Easter Eggs at our Church Easter Egg Hunt. She only really wanted two eggs (one for each hand), but Daddy insisted upon putting a few more eggs in her basket. She mainly loved the company of all the other children!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Family Pics

We did not get much packing done today, but we did manage to take some new pictures. Everyone at church was telling us they were going to hold us hostage if we did not give them some pictures before we leave. We had to make a quick trip to Louisville (another three hours of driving) to get some paper work for new Doctors. Yeah I found a doctor to transfer to this morning, and I am hoping she is wonderful, but if not I don't really care at this point. We have three more days til the big move day, so I do not know when the next time I will be posting anything on here will be, I have a lot to do. I hope you all enjoy the new pictures and I'll let you know how the journey is going as soon as I can! We feel extremely BLESSED!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Little Reward after a hard mornings work

Today we all got up and seemed to be fairly motivated. Joselyn played very well and stayed out of things. Chris managed to pack four bookshelves of books. I mainly drug a lot of stuff out, but at least feel like it is somewhat organized and will get packed before the evening is over. All of this was accomplished before lunch, so after lunch we made a little trip to Etown to get a few errands out of the way. Well, we had to give Joselyn a bath before we could go, we have been trying to teach her how to use a spoon. I am pretty sure the spaghetti won today. We decided that we need a little break, so we are having frozen pizza for dinner (which I have not really enjoyed to much this pregnancy, but it is easy) and are going to watch a new episode of Fringe (Chris' new favorite show). We feel like we are making some progress in the moving department and boxes are starting to fill most every room in our house. I have all of a sudden realized "I AM Pregnant," and lets just say have started to freak out! I feel so guilty about all the planning we achieved when Joselyn was growing in my womb, and the lack of for poor little Anison! I have literally done nothing for her. No journal entries have been made on her behalf, none of the baby clothes have been sorted, laundered, or ironed and hung in her closet, the walls will probably be white when she is born, and we most likely will still be getting situated in a new home upon the time of her arrival. One thing I am going to do my very best to accomplish is at least buy her a NEW coming home outfit. Even in times when my world is spinning, maybe from the pregnancy anyway, or maybe from the business of life, God is still in control. I have realized that I have never been in control and all of this stuff I feel needs to be done means nothing when compared to the treasures I should be concerned with that are not of this world. I am excited about this journey still, and am trying to just let the Father bless how he chooses, and focus on seeing those blessings.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Another trip to Zeigler

Saturday we made another trip to take another vehicle and another load of "stuff" to Zeigler. Thankfully Jeff came to help!!!!! I am pretty sure the boys did not like me after moving a piano, but we made it through the eight hours on the road. The first four hours Joselyn decided to have her own little rock concert and play her keyboard while singing DaDa. Can I just say adorable!!! We stopped in at MawMaw Berta's for a little break, and to trade vehicles, so we could have extra moving space. We are currently driving a fancy pants minivan, that I am getting very use to the doors opening with the click of a button. We are now one move away from having all of our stuff in our new location. I am thankful the next time we make that drive it will be oneway!

A Good Visit with Old Freinds!

Crystal spoiling my little girl.

Excited much?

You can add your own caption.

Jos didn't want Dave near her, sorry Dave!

The boys spotting the cats.

Sam was teaching Josleyn to spell.

Dave, enough said!

Friday Dave, Crystal, and the Boys drove four hours to visit one last time before we put another four hours between us. We had a great time, the kids played baseball and rode the four wheeler, while the "adult" boys, well let's just say they were boys too. Crystal and I even managed to work in a little shopping! The day flew by and they had to leave, but we are trying to convince them to take a vacation to St. Louis this summer and swing down to see us.