5,4,and 2

5,4,and 2

Monday, May 4, 2009

31 weeks, and Oh, so Emotional!

Anison's crib at least has clean sheets

Almost 32 weeks, I think this is the first picture I actually feel like I look pregnant in and not just fat.

31 weeks

I am almost thirty two weeks pregnant and so completely DONE! As I have said before I am not a good pregnant person. I can't seem to focus on anything lately, I did finally get the crib bedding washed and put in the crib, along with clothes for the first three months washed and hung in the closet, well that is until I ran out of hangers. No, the room is still not painted nor have we managed to gather all the furniture I want. I finally feel like I look pregnant and not just fat. On the down side I am having more contractions now than I ever felt having when I was in active labor with Joselyn, every small activity makes them kick in and it takes the rest of the day to get them to stop. The varicoses only seems to be getting worse and sleep is pretty much none existent. I am very blessed and am trying to give God the glory for knitting this child in my womb, but I feel like an ungrateful little brat that wants her "pre-pregnancy" body back (the one I have not seen since before Joselyn was born). It takes me literally all night to fall asleep and by four I am usually out but around six I wake up in tears from the pain radiating through my spine. I don't remember experiencing this pain when I was pregnant with Joselyn, but maybe I just chose to forget it. Anison seems to be a lot more active at this point than Joselyn Again I am really trying to fight for joy, and praise the Maker! was as well, but then again we really have only an estimated guess of when she is actually due. I am repulsed by food and only want to drink water or milk, two things I never normally want. So I am really wanting to hear, "you are a lot farther than we thought," at my check up on Monday.

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