5,4,and 2

5,4,and 2

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gage's Visit

Yeah we get to swim

Are you sure we all fit?

Obviously the pool is made for little children.

Gage teaching Joselyn some new dance moves, I have to say this was pretty funny, they both dance like Chris!!!

Wrestle time.........

Let's play house

Joselyn pretty much sat on Gage while he was trying to play Wii

I fully
intend on posting new pictures, but for some reason the computer does not want to upload the pictures currently. As soon as I can get them loaded I will post them.

Gage is in town for a few days, and the kids have been very busy playing! Gage can get
Joselyn to laugh or squeal at anything, there has not been a quiet moment since he has been here. I have also realized how very thankful I am for my girls, boys are just plain dirty. Even when I know he is clean, or at least sanitized he is still filthy! They have had a blast, He arrived Tuesday night, and Blaina came over to play on Wednesday. And through God's strength I have had more energy the last two days then I think I have had in two years, another way I find God completely amazing! Check back for pictures, I am not very good with electronics, my husband believes I have technological malfunctions inside my body.

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