5,4,and 2

5,4,and 2

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Wild Ride

This is our old car, and you can see the nose of the van

God is so completely amazing ! We had been talking about the "need" for a minivan since around the time Joselyn was born. I have wanted a minivan since I was like sixteen, but now we actually have a use for one with a growing family in the works. When I became pregnant a second time we started to talk about actually going to go look at them, but then decided it just was not in the budget, and we would reconsider at the end of this year. Then the move hit and Chris' mom let us borrow her van for the week, let me just say Thank you Roberta for this huge convienince! So we set out in our quest to buy a new van. Weeks of online research and price comparissans then sent us out the door with a little better idea of what we wanted. Call me spoiled if you may, but I really wanted a van with two features, tinted windows, for all of those quick feedings on the road, and power sliding doors, for the lazy mom with two small children and a hand full of bags. We knew the minivan was our number one pic because a few months earlier some one let their car door slamm into my car and left a huge dent in the side . I decided I would never be able to keep up with holding doors open so our children would not do the same to some one else's car. Earlier in the week we had heard of an amazing deal on a van and waited til Thursday to go check it out, that deal ended up not really being for sale and we were already in town and decided to go look around else where. We ended up driving on to the lot of Ward's in Carbondale. As soon as we got near the building I spoted a van that looked like someone owned and was driving and thought how funny it would be if they were trading it in and we bought it. We then quickly drove back to the used car section and saw they had several vans, so Chris decided to go in. He came back out and told me they had a couple we might look at, so the salesman talked with us for a few minutes about what features we thought were important and he went to check his inventory. He came back and said the used vans they had at this time did not match our check list, but that some one was trading in a van as we spoke and the owners said we were more than welcome to take it for a test drive. So, that is the van we ended up buying, yes the one I saw as soon as we pulled onto the lot. We got a chance to meet the owners, who were an older couple who traded in their vans every couple of years to buy a new one. Let me just add we pulled on the lot at about 6:05pm, Joselyn's dinner time, and drove off the lot a little after 8pm, Joselyn's Bedtime, and she was a perfect angel the entire time we were there, dancing and keeping all the salesmen well entertained. We have never made a purchase this big and the next morning woke up in shock of what took place the night before! Chris listed my car for sale and by that afternoon it was sold! I can not in my life describe how perfect God is at giving his blessings at just the right time. So we add a new vehicle to our journey, and are trying to patiently await the arrival of our second child.

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