5,4,and 2

5,4,and 2

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Little Reward after a hard mornings work

Today we all got up and seemed to be fairly motivated. Joselyn played very well and stayed out of things. Chris managed to pack four bookshelves of books. I mainly drug a lot of stuff out, but at least feel like it is somewhat organized and will get packed before the evening is over. All of this was accomplished before lunch, so after lunch we made a little trip to Etown to get a few errands out of the way. Well, we had to give Joselyn a bath before we could go, we have been trying to teach her how to use a spoon. I am pretty sure the spaghetti won today. We decided that we need a little break, so we are having frozen pizza for dinner (which I have not really enjoyed to much this pregnancy, but it is easy) and are going to watch a new episode of Fringe (Chris' new favorite show). We feel like we are making some progress in the moving department and boxes are starting to fill most every room in our house. I have all of a sudden realized "I AM Pregnant," and lets just say have started to freak out! I feel so guilty about all the planning we achieved when Joselyn was growing in my womb, and the lack of for poor little Anison! I have literally done nothing for her. No journal entries have been made on her behalf, none of the baby clothes have been sorted, laundered, or ironed and hung in her closet, the walls will probably be white when she is born, and we most likely will still be getting situated in a new home upon the time of her arrival. One thing I am going to do my very best to accomplish is at least buy her a NEW coming home outfit. Even in times when my world is spinning, maybe from the pregnancy anyway, or maybe from the business of life, God is still in control. I have realized that I have never been in control and all of this stuff I feel needs to be done means nothing when compared to the treasures I should be concerned with that are not of this world. I am excited about this journey still, and am trying to just let the Father bless how he chooses, and focus on seeing those blessings.

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