5,4,and 2

5,4,and 2

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

And the packing begins........................

Chris was trying to find a good place for my tree to be out of the way, so he decided to put it behind the TV.
Those two blue tote boxes are the only boxes that have been successfully packed.
The island of chaos filling our kitchen.
This is what Joselyn has done all morning, played by herself! We feel very blessed!

This morning we all hit the ground running, well I may have been waddling and Joselyn, just toddling, but Chris, he was ready for a marathon. After trying to keep Joselyn out of the mess we opted to put up the gate and turn on our all time favorite dvd "Praise Baby" for her entertainment so we could get something done. Chris has managed to be very productive in nocking things off his list, cleaning out the building, gathering boxes, throwing out junk and hauling it off, the dishes, and the list goes on! I on the other hand, not so much! I did manage to pack little nick nacks, and the china buffett. That equalled two boxes in a mere two hours. I know what a great challenge the next week and a half is going to be, but I really had no idea just how big. We are going to take two car laods of stuff to Zeigler early in the morning, mainly so we can leave one car there, and then drive back that evening for a total of 8 hours on the road with Chris, a pregnant woman and a thirteen month old. Then Saturday we are going to attempt a similar plan that will include our Sister and Brother-in-law, a large deep freeze, and a piano, sorry boys! So we are keeping busy none the less.

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