5,4,and 2

5,4,and 2

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The "situation" is being made known!

Well in the midst of everything that we have going on right now (I will post more on that later) we just found out we are expecting baby #3 also going to be known as our "situation."  Thanks Crystal for giving "it" a name, you know how I feel about calling a baby an "it."  We are excited and scared as usual, but the baby is due the end of September so maybe we will have some time to get a LOT of things in order!  So yes, I am almost 7 weeks and already fat, what's up with that?!  Just wanted to share some of our blessings with you!

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  1. What is up with that? They say you get bigger fst with every pregnancy. I felt like I was showing at 8 weeks this time. UG! Oh well I know it's all worth it.